Parables Of A Southern Man


Parables Of A Southern Man

New Release!!

Jonathon Long, at his finest…  Absolutely, ground braking album, destined to please.

1) Madison Square Garden.  2) The Ride   3) My Kinda Woman  4) Pain  5) Landline  6) All I Need  7) Dangerous  8) Savior’s Face 9) My Kinda Woman  10) That Ain’t Love  11) Cheap Romance  12) Jenny

The first thing you notice about Jonathan Long’s new record, Parables of a Southern Man, is that his virtuoso guitar playing is not his only strength. Long is a complete musician and entertainer, a great singer and totally original songwriter whose lyrical guitar playing is always in service to the bigger picture.

But that still isn’t the best thing about Long. What really sets him apart is his songwriting and singing, which has evolved out of the blues canon into his own version of Americana, a place emerging from but not tied to any genre, too personal to be anything but unique.   –   By:

American Blues Scene Staff


You’re gonna love it!


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